Open Retreat: The Creative Place regularly sponsors Open Retreats (such as our popular Open Sew / Stitch / Create Retreat). These retreats are typically 4 days / 3 nights, though the duration may vary. A person may participate in a portion or all of the retreat. Pricing is determined by the length of stay and whether the person stays overnight or commutes.

Availability and pricing of Open Retreats can be found on our Retreat Page.

Private Group Retreat: A private group retreat is one in which a group of persons reserves The Creative Place for their own creative retreat. An Exclusive Retreat must have a minimum of 5 persons staying overnight for a minimum of two consecutive nights. The maximum number of overnight persons is 15. The cost is $70 / night / person for overnighters. Once the minimum number of overnighters is reached, commuters can join the Exclusive Retreat for a fee of $32 / commuter / day.