What is a Creative Retreat?

At its essence, a retreat is an opportunity to focus totally on one’s creative passion. Individuals or groups of persons retreat from the day-to-day world to nurture their own authentic creativity and their creative play. Quilters, Scrapbookers, Knitters, Stampers, Writers, Artists, Musicians, and others have art to create and creativity to explore. Attending a retreat allows you to get reacquainted with and experience your own creative mind, away from the distractions of day-to-day life. When we reconnect with our creative self, we have the opportunity to feel and preform more satisfyingly when we go back home and/or back to work.

Benefits of a Retreat at The Creative Place

  • Time to create with minimal distractions
  • Inspiration from fellow participants
  • Space well-suited to your creative pursuits
  • Retreats at The Creative Place can take several forms, from Open and Unstructured to Exclusive and Structured.

How to Book a Retreat

To inquire about the specific needs and dates for your retreat, contact us by completing the form on this page.

Once it has been determined that The Creative Place is available for your preferred dates and times, a security deposit will make The Creative Place available for the dates you’ve selected.