Learn how art retreats in Kansas City at The Creative Place are a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the world around you,strengthen your techniques, and converse with other artists.

The fight for quality arts education remains a hot topic for school districts around Kansas City and around the country, and I am always looking for new viewpoints and research to help explain the importance of these programs. Recently, a friend directed me to a wonderful article from hyperallergic.com that perfectly presented a fundamental idea behind arts education: Education is communication. And what better way to communicate than by first exploring your own understanding of a concept through art, and then engaging in a robust dialogue with others concerning the materials, subject matter, and context of that idea.
Here is a quote from the writer, Samuel Rowlett:

art retreats in kansas city clay“The truth of the matter is that art is not so much the way things look, but a way of looking at things. It is a way of looking at the world, of interacting with the world, in the same way your education is a way to interact with the world around you and perhaps, at its very best, it helps you to understand how you fit into that world and to deepen your relationship to it.”

Through the art retreats in Kansas City at The Creative Place, I am able to see the evolution of ideas and the complexity of thought through the participants’ marks, stitches, splatters, and seams. To see a student fully explore a concept through their art is exciting. But a second reward comes from witnessing the interaction between the students when they share techniques, discuss the context of their work, and push each other to work harder and take risks.

If you are interested in creating, learning, engaging, communicating, and growing by attending art retreats in Kansas City, check out the upcoming open retreats at The Creative Place. Have a great idea for a retreat of your own? You can also learn about hosting art retreats in Kansas City. We look forward to seeing you there!